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October 2023

Rising Bond Yields, the 1987 Crash and the War in Israel

August 2023

The Risks of an Australian Recession - What Would it Mean for Investors?

June 2023

Mid-year market outlook - the worry list for shares, and the good news!

May 2023

Five Charts on Investing - to Keep Tough Times like Now in Perspective

December 2022

2022 Has Been a Year to Forget – 2023 Should be Better, but Rough Ride Likely

June 2022

An Update on Markets - Key Things For Investors To Keep In Mind During Times Of Market Turmoil

May 2022

The RBA starts raising rates - how far and how fast? And what does it mean for investors?

March 2022

War in Ukraine - Implications for Markets and Your Investment Portfolio

December 2021

OUT with 2021 IN with 2022 – Outlook for Recovery and Markets Looks Very Positive

July 2021

Amazing Market Bounce Post Covid – Muted Returns Ahead

December 2020

Year 2020 – Not What We Expected

June 2020

Big Bounce in Shares – But Is It Sustainable?

April 2020

Signposts for a Sharemarket Bottom

April 2020

It's Business as Usual in Unusual Times

March 2020

Coronavirus: Keep Calm and Carry On

March 2020

Coronavirus and the Fall in Sharemarkets

December 2019

2019 Review + Through the Looking Glass for 2020

October 2019

Investment Returns Are Likely to Slow over the Next 5 Years

August 2019

Are We Heading for a Recession? What Might it Mean for the Stock Market?

July 2019

The 'New' Pension Loan Scheme - What is it and How Does it Work?

Recession in Australia is Unlikely

April 2017


May 2016

Federal Budget 2016: Super Reforms a 'Curate’s Egg'

January 2016

Staying the Course in Volatile Times

July 2015

Greece: Tragedy or Farce? Either Way, Don’t Worry!

May 2014

‘Cut and Build’ Budget Summary

April 2014

Economic trends indicate continuing sharemarket growth
Attachment: The Australian Economy Looking Beyond the Gloom
Attachment: The US Reinvents Itself Yet Again

June 2013

Sharemarket Correction Likely To Be Contained

May 2013

Swansong Budget May Be Somewhat Irrelevant
Attachment: The 2013-14 Australian Budget - struggling back to surplus

April 2013

Our Analysis of the Proposed Super Changes

January 2013

Market recovery should continue
Attachment: Review of 2012, outlook for 2013

May 2012

Further market dip possible, but downside should be limited
Attachment: The Eurozone crisis end game
Attachment: Observations from Europe
Attachment: Olivers insights: Greece Q and A
Attachment: Olivers Insights: Europe, China, the US- the worry list for investors getting wider again

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