Our client advisory process

Individual investments and the markets fluctuate over time, and as professionals, it is our job to enable you to make informed financial decisions using the full complement of resources at our disposal.

This process provides a framework for making decisions collaboratively and monitoring the outcome of those decisions over time.

Each step involves interaction between our team, you as the client and outside professionals if needed.

We use a variety of tools including questionnaires and interviews to understand your personal goals, current financial situation, investment experience and risk tolerance. In this step, we make you fully aware of our capabilities and provide educational support to assist you in understanding the scope of services we offer to help you meet your objectives.

Our team analyses the information you share with us and designs solutions intended to help you reach your objectives. This step may involve collaboration with other specialists or your existing professionals. We present our recommendations to you, answer your questions, consider alternatives and outline the steps we need to take to implement your plan.

In this step, we execute your customised strategy using the extensive tools available to us through Retirewell. This involves the selection of specific account types, investment products and optional services; we then complete the necessary paperwork in a co-ordinated approach.

Once implemented, we continually monitor the progress of our recommendations relative to your defined objectives and suggest changes where needed. A key to this step is your involvement in the process and communication of any significant changes in your life. We accomplish this by providing ongoing reporting of your account activity and by conducting periodic reviews.

The Role of Your Adviser
Other than your immediate family, no one knows you better than your financial adviser. It’s likely that you share information with your adviser which only your closest family members would know. That’s why any sound investment program should be based on a personal relationship that is open, trusting and respectful. You deserve the professional advice of a financial adviser whose interest is vested in the success of your portfolio. Let your adviser keep tabs on the global financial marketplace, monitor allocations, diversification and progress towards long-term goals. This professional adviser can help you make informed choices and help you construct a plan designed with your goals in mind.

Your financial adviser has access to resources that enable him or her to:

  • Offer the kind of services that meet sophisticated challenges head-on
  • Focus on risk management through asset class diversification
  • Guide you in selecting an appropriate asset allocation model
  • Monitor your asset allocation
  • Select quality portfolio managers
  • Utilise forward-looking research

Why Use a Financial Adviser

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General Advice Warning

The information provided on this website has been provided as general advice only. We have not considered your financial circumstances, needs or objectives and you should seek the assistance of your adviser before you make any decision regarding any products mentioned in this communication. Whilst all care has been taken in the preparation of this material, no warranty is given in respect of the information provided and accordingly neither Retirewell Financial Planning nor its related entities, employees or agents shall be liable on any ground whatsoever with respect to decisions or actions taken as a result of you acting upon such information.