The Need for Ongoing Advice

Once we have established a diversified portfolio of quality assets for you, our job is only partly done. What starts out as the best portfolio for you will need fine tuning, adjusting, rebalancing and switching as the years go by to continue to meet your objectives. This is because things change – the economy, investment markets, fund managers, government laws and policies on tax, superannuation and social security, and your personal situation.

Retirewell’s Asset Care ongoing client service meets this need for you through a long-term partnership over the years.

Our Asset Care ongoing service covers all aspects of your financial situation and provides periodic reports on the value and performance of your investment portfolio, annual reviews, personal appointments at your request, unlimited contact with your adviser by email, telephone, fax or post, regular newsletters and occasional client briefings. This comprehensive service gives you peace of mind in knowing that your financial affairs are being well looked after.

Our philosophy regarding the ongoing management of your portfolio is to adopt a counter-cyclical strategy in order to take profits along the way, locking them in by re-investing in assets classes that are depressed in value.

In other words, if a portfolio’s strategic asset allocation to Australian shares started out at 30% but grew to say 40% of the portfolio after a period of strong performance, we would typically recommend that the client take profits and reduce the exposure to that sector back down to around 30%.

The profits would be reinvested in other asset classes which had become underweight relative to their tactical asset allocation, which would be influenced by economic trends and market valuations at the time.

Thus, we have a process whereby you would be selling some assets when prices are high and buying other assets when their prices are low.

This is opposite to what the herd does. Most investors buy in a bull market when prices are high and sell in a bear market when prices are low.

This disciplined approach will enhance the returns you will generate from your portfolio over the long term.

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